Thursday, February 24, 2011

Its been a bit.

Sorry for the absence. I have been busy on a couple graphic advertising jobs for work. I received a bit of a job redefinition with me focusing on more of the visual advertising for the company. I am, perfectly all right with that. Beats what i used to do.

Here are a few things i have been working on on the side.

Villain hanging out with her friends

Here are some new character concepts for my Silent Guardian story. I added much more to Clair's character, incorporating more of the tech she would add to her arsenal as she progressed through the story. The main feature is the Leg Supplement Armour which greatly improves the strength of that area, improving running ad jumping, allowing increadable maneuverability on the rooftop system in the city.
For Nicks character, the suit was redesigned into something a little simpler since it is not made for appearances and for getting in the way of a hurling truck or train or building. I figured that it would gather alot of wear and tear rather fast so a simpler but effective design would make it easier to repair and replace.

Here are some concepts for a picture I am working on featuring the some of the founding fathers fighting mutants in the future.

George Washington

Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson