Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Storm Riders

Update. Enjoy these pretty colors!

Here is the colored version of, "One For Bringing It Down." I threw some textures on the lower part of the bobots leg, as well as inside the smoke and dust cloud, just to give it a tad bit more detail. I will intensify the light hitting the robots hand. The shine doesn't seem strong enough for how close the hand is to the source.

Finally! Here is the color study for the Founding Fathers image. I went a little further and detailed the four lower characters and played around with the glowing light from Hamilton's arm cannon. Before i get too much further, i need to finish the base colors on the flag, as well as the pole, and work with the smoke clouds coming from the evac-ship above. The colors for that ship need to be played around with, as well. Once all that is done, i can worry about the sky and the massive fleet way up there. Lots and lots of things to do!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A God Turned Foul By The Cruelty Of Man

Firstly... the title. There's not too much to it. Its been a reoccurring story concept that i have been playing around with in my head. When you think of a god, they are beings with the capability to manipulate and influence the things around them, without too much change to themselves. They usually stay pretty constant. But, what if it worked the other way. What if they themselves are susceptible to manipulation and change by other forces than their own, that mold them into into something else. Anyways..... its probably a concept that's already been done, but that wont stop me from playing around with the idea and get a few drawings out of it.

ANYWAYS.... Here are some pictures.

Here is the inked subterranean dragon town. If you couldn't tell, it is related to the Tiny Dragon story that i have been playing around with for quite some time now. Its always nice to work on an image dealing with that story. I find the overall cuteness of the subject matter therapeutic, since most of what i do focus on more metal things.

Here is a fun pencil drawing i did not too long ago. I was filled with an urge to work on a bar scene. And since it was a bar scene it should have a bit of humor in it. Whats more humerus than a skeezy drunk getting hammered in the face after being a little too forward.

Ok, so, I just wanted to draw a chick in armor. That how it started. Than i added in the unburied coffin and the graveyard, and finally i threw in a monk and BAM, she is now a vampire hunter who had arrived just a little too late. For as little forethought that went into this drawing, im a little surprised by how much story came out of it.

Here are a series of character sketches i did for a small story idea. Dont really know if i will peruse it, but it was pretty fun drawing them and coming up with some back stories.

Something about Armour and heels. Dont know why, but its appealing. That and Skulldrons.
This is one of the main characters, She is introduced to the story with a massive boulder crushing her legs. See is rescued by the other main character, the priest below, who had to amputate both of her lower legs in order to get her out. Later she had some prosthetic legs crafted for her, and shortly after that, befriended an awesome hawk named Lex. She than tracks down the priest in order to repay him for saving her life.

This is the other main character. He is a battle priest who diserted his post since he did not approve of the imperialistic ambitions of the kingdom he once served, and believes that the king has manipulated the countries beliefs to justify his actions and ambition. He is lighthearted, open minded, and forgiving. An overall good dude.

All of the primary characters are or become members of the Honor Bound, which is a mercenary contractor. Here is an image with the groups superiors dramatically posing, chilling, on a cliff. I mean, why not?