Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warlord Tripdick

Once upon a time, I nerded out a little bit, and drew a Warhammer inspired Khorne warlord. Later on I decided that it would be fun to do a few more warlord drawings, so i did. It was from there that my Zombie King and Sorcerer, whom I drew while watching Wishmaster, where created. From there I decided to give them parody names because I though it would be funny.

The Paladin (Warlord)
I figured that name worked because he is definitely not holy or noble.

The Mystic (Dark Sorcerer)
There are many "good" names for magic users, but Mystic took the cake.

The Healer (Zombie King)
The name works perfectly in every way. He can heal you, but only if you are dead and disgruntled.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Leather Armor

Alright. I finally have the pictures of the end of the stamping phase of my leather armor. Im sorry it took so long to get these pictures, I have been kind of sluggish when it came to that.

Closer front view

Back View

Side view featuring the Odin bracer, and the Fenris wolf. I felt that the two should be paired up together because the wolf will eat Odin at Ragnarok.

Other side. You cant see it that well, but on the shoulder piece, there is Jormungand the serpent. And below that is the Thor bracer. These two I was also compelled to pair together since at Ragnarok, Thor and the serpent fought. Thor will slay the serpent but succumed to its venom and died after staggering nine paces. Hell of a way to go huh.

A better picture of the front of the sholder piece featuring the serpent Jormungand

A better view of the pauldron featuring Fenris the wolf

In this view of the front, there is a better view of Yggdrasil, the norse world tree, whose roots connected the miltiple worlds.
A closer, yet kind of shadowy, view of the Odin and the Thor bracer


This one i call "Come hither dear"

This one is titled "Touchdown"

Dramatic pose? I dont know what to call it

This one i like to call, "I approve this message"

This one needs no title. You have to play a really metal song when viewing it