Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warlord Tripdick

Once upon a time, I nerded out a little bit, and drew a Warhammer inspired Khorne warlord. Later on I decided that it would be fun to do a few more warlord drawings, so i did. It was from there that my Zombie King and Sorcerer, whom I drew while watching Wishmaster, where created. From there I decided to give them parody names because I though it would be funny.

The Paladin (Warlord)
I figured that name worked because he is definitely not holy or noble.

The Mystic (Dark Sorcerer)
There are many "good" names for magic users, but Mystic took the cake.

The Healer (Zombie King)
The name works perfectly in every way. He can heal you, but only if you are dead and disgruntled.


Christina Huther said...

Oh man, I can't decide what I like best: The Warlor's pauldrons, The Mystic's staff, or the atmosphere in The Healer.
Your sketches have become these awesome things with strong lines and clear areas.

Rachel said...

I think the Warlord sketch is especially strong. Post some more soon!!