Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Return of a Banished Son or Happy Winter Village

This started off as just an ink that i worked on in my spare time.  Once it was finished, i decided to color it.  I think it turned out pretty well.  That happy town should have invested in some walls.


Well here it is.  The story is finished as well as all of the images.  This was a fun and gratifying project to work on. It allowed me to practice on a new style of inking as well as working 
more detail intensive.  

I really enjoyed coloring this picture.  All those incense bright colors really add to the energy of the action of breaking the enchanted chains. I have to admit.  I also really like working with purple.  

If you want to read the story leading up to this image, scroll down a post or two to the inks.

Dust and smoke fill the valley and linger there for hours.  The priestess returns to look for the knight, searching tirelessly through the debris of chains and stone.  Finally the knight is found lifelessly seated on one of the ruined obelisks with the hammer leaning against him and his helmet at his feet.  The dragon is nowhere to be seen. Once the chains had broken and his freedom has been regained, he offered his blessing to the dying knight and left before the dust clouds dispersed.
The knight had fulfilled his promise.