Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freeing a Dragon

Alright.  Here are some colors for you all.  It is probably past the half way point.  I need to finish up some basic color spaces, and than get more into the details.  I kind of got a little too carried away with the sky.  I am going to push it aside for now and catch up with the rest of the image.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Newfound Strength for the Dying

Here are some updates.  The second image posted will be colored once all of the images for this story are finished.  Their are either two or just one left.

Here is a summary for each image.

The two companions return to the valley where the dragon is imprisoned.  The knight, with barely enough strength to stand or walk, is aided by the priestess, who hauls him towards the closest chain.  The dragon warns them of the dangers once the hammer hits the chains, and the priestess bitterly retreats to a safe distance.

Summoning all the strength that remains, the knight brings the massive hammer down, smashing into the enormous chains with an ear shattering thunderclap.  Immediately, the shock wave from the strike ripples through each and every link restraining the dragon, causing them to crack and explode violently, As the chains erratically whip back and forth in their death throws, they strangle and crack the obelisks they are tied to.  In a matter of moments, the dragons prison is turned to rubble.