Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Storm Riders

Update. Enjoy these pretty colors!

Here is the colored version of, "One For Bringing It Down." I threw some textures on the lower part of the bobots leg, as well as inside the smoke and dust cloud, just to give it a tad bit more detail. I will intensify the light hitting the robots hand. The shine doesn't seem strong enough for how close the hand is to the source.

Finally! Here is the color study for the Founding Fathers image. I went a little further and detailed the four lower characters and played around with the glowing light from Hamilton's arm cannon. Before i get too much further, i need to finish the base colors on the flag, as well as the pole, and work with the smoke clouds coming from the evac-ship above. The colors for that ship need to be played around with, as well. Once all that is done, i can worry about the sky and the massive fleet way up there. Lots and lots of things to do!

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