Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beach Picture

So, i decided to take a break from the warlord trio and started on the colors for my happy beach picture. It was a hard adjustment to go from dark and broody to "happy happy lets go fly a kite."
I have decided to give this picture a rest for a day or so and return to it with some fresh eyes. My priority from there is to work on the object in the background because i feel that they might be competing with the figures in the foreground a little too much.

1 comment:

Julia Hodges said...

HEY!! IT'S ZANDER!! That's so funny!

It's looking good so far, I think you need to push your colors a lot more. I think that you need to put more color in the shades. An object is not it's color and then black and white, it's the color with other colors to make it darker and lighter. I really like the background!!

Keep going!! :)