Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Logo Sketches And Color Study

Here are some sketches for a possible new logo. As you can see from these sketches, no new news for people who know me, I have a fascination with ducks. A while back, a friend noticed that ducks have made themselves a reoccurring object in my drawings and said that I should have a duck for my logo. So that is what I am working towards with these.
I am leaning towards number three. As you can tell, my heart was never into number four. I wanted to have a crossed sword thing going on behind the duck, but it looks like the poor creature has been run through.

Here is a quick color study for the princess picture. Looking at it now, I might change the cape from green to red. Doing this would help separate her from the background a little more. I also need to find another place to put some orange to compete with the fox

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Julia Hodges said...

Wow, Dan, you've been very busy! I really like the monster she's riding on, it's very original. :)

As for the logo, I do like the original one the most, but why not try something that doesn't have anything to do with vikings, or maybe just playing with your initials? I think the illustrations of them are too complex for a logo, unless they were just a silhouette? Try a silhouette!