Sunday, January 2, 2011

And then there where posts

Alright, here are a bunch of images that i have worked on over the past who knows how long.

This has got to be one of my favorites. Mainly for the fact that the original inking is very big. It is by far the largest inking that i have worked on so far. The original goal was to create a high activity image. I think i did it. Thank you flamethrowers.

The title for this one is "A Sight For Sore Eyes."

This inking has sat around for a while. I don't know why, i really love it.

This inking was finished about an hour ago. The original concept was quite simple and only had the woman with the gun and a blank background. The further i got into it, the more i felt like there should be something else in it. So i added a the dark lab environment and hung up the Silent Guardian to a contraption.


This is a Halloween piece. This is the villain of The Silent Guardian story chilling out on Halloween chowing down on some heads

The two above are inks for the Thunderbird story that is currently in progress. As far as i know in the story so far, there aren't any robots, or at least none that take an active role. I dont know why i included them but they do look pretty neat and fit in with the spacey sci fi theme.

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Rachel said...

Dan these are all really intense! My favorites are the Billy one and the Silent Guardian Villain.