Friday, March 16, 2012

Comic Inks

Here are the inks for part one of my comic project. So, the original goal for this first part was to have it be around eight pages. Kind of missed that mark by six pages. I strongly believe that restricting it to eight pages would have cramped the story too much, so im not loosing any sleep over it. Except for the sleep lost while working on those extra pages. Har har har. Anyways, I finished them a little while back, and am just about finished with the edits for the text. So there will probably be another post with the final uncolored comic in a little bit. Until then, enjoy the inks.

1 comment:

Rachel Augie said...

Hey, these look familiar.
I think you should post your pictures bigger. It could, of course, be my tiny computer. But, I like the idea of seeing your work bigger.