Sunday, March 27, 2011

A tad bit further

Not too much is different from the color study posted earlier. I just spent some more time on Mr. Roosevelt's colors. There are some shadow parts that can be made darker, but i am trying to avoid having him too dark altogether.


Rachel said...

This one is better. I like the yellow in the claws I don't remember if it was there before but it's a lot more noticable now. Also, I like Ted's shiny glasses

Anonymous said...

I like the color variation. The mini claw in the back looks like it is some sort of bird talon. Bulk it up a bit.

Julia Ally Hodges said...

This looks great, Dan! I like the darks behind the tubes the most. I think you need more lightest lights in here, there is too much midtone, if it was turned into a black and white, it would be hard to read. I think the best place for more lights is the dinosaur's head and claws, it will also bring it out more in space. KEEP GOING!!! :)