Monday, March 21, 2011

Teddybear Color Study

I have a surprise day off of work today thanks to the rain so why not spend the day off coloring one of my inks. Here is the color study for my second teddy picture. I decided that a menacing color scheme was best so i focused in using reds and purples. Of course teddy will be in his usual attire, but a lot less yellow will be present once all the grime is added on. I added some yellow on the claws and metal bits to see if the colors distribution could be spread out more through the image instead of having just teddy as the only source of yellow. The metal yellow might have to be toned down a little.


Rachel said...

I would leave the yellow in the armor I like it. I also, think it looks better than it would without it there for sure.

Daniel Wood said...

Yeah, its hard to tell right now. It will be easier to figure out when i get in there and work the tones and the shine